Our Process

Our respectful and detail-oriented process relies on time-tested approaches that include precise planning, hands on project management and close communication with our clients.

Masterpiece Renovations Inc, Construction & Remodeling Services, Broken Arrow, OK

1. The very first thing we do is set up a time where we can get together. During our initial consultation we would like to take some time to get to know each other. Once we’ve done that, we would really like to spend some time and listen to you describe what you have in mind. Are you considering a larger kitchen, adding a master suite, second story addition, or possibly an entire home renovation? During this time we will ask questions to develop a clearer picture of what you are looking for in the finished project. We will create our own file including measurements, pictures and notes relating to your existing space. This will give us a starting point that will allow us to put together a plan of action.

2. We will take all of your requests and concerns, as well as the structural elements of the project, and start the process of developing a rough draft. We will consider your architectural aesthetics, function and budget parameters. Once we have arrived at a preliminary design we will call you up and set a time to get together.

3. This meeting is usually a very exciting time for our clients. At this stage of the process, the reality of your vision will begin to become clearer. During this meeting we will be able to discuss the project in more detail and also listen to your feedback. Once we have worked our way through the information you are going to want a little time to consider all that we have presented.

4. Once you have reviewed the preliminary plans and the budget you will have your own thoughts about the information that we have presented. This leads us to our next meeting where we will be able to adjust and refine a number of details about the plans. Once you are satisfied with the overall design and the budget we will start the process of preparing ‘working drawings’ that will allow us to apply for permits.

5. Once we have the ‘working drawings’ the next step in our process is to contact our very qualified subcontractors and share with them the scope of your project. We would then like to set up a meeting that will allow them to evaluate the feasibility and cost of their portion of the project. This is a very important step in the process. In many of our subcontractor meetings we have identified many potential problems as well as areas where we can save our clients considerable cost.

6. After we have received our building permit and have the final OK on the budget, we are ready to break ground! We will set an appointed start date, show up on time and begin the process of making a set of drawings a reality.

7. This is the point where you will get to do some ‘homework’. We will create a detailed list of decisions that we’ll need you to make that you haven’t already made. We will help you make decisions about windows and doors, flooring, cabinetry styles and finishes, moldings and paint as well as many others. You will never have to worry about making decisions alone. We will be there to help you and guide you through each step.

8. As we work through the process, our constant communication will keep you informed at all times. You will be kept informed with phone calls, emails and regularly scheduled meetings until the projects end. We will be your ever present guide throughout the entire project. At the completion of your project we will ask you to present us with a ‘punch list’. This is a list of anything that you think needs to be done to finish the project.

9. Even after the completion of your project, we will always be available for you. If you have questions or concerns do not hesitate to call. If you need help in maintaining your new project or any other part of your home please let us know. We realize that your satisfaction is the most important factor that insures our success.

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